FLOSS Manuals keeps growing and reorganizes

The international FLOSS Manuals network is reorganizing. A new board for the foundation was elected In the recent Berlin FM meet, with Tuukka Hastrup from Finland as member. There are also plans to put up a new international organization to coordinate the growing activities.

Users and languages of FLOSS Manuals are steadily on the rise. Also for the Finnish FM site, where the 3 most popular manuals are the Introduction to the Command Line, a manual to help advanced use of Linux, the popular audio editor Audacity, and Inkscape, the professional vector graphics software.

Currently the network, with Tomi Toivio and Tuukka Hastrup from FLOSS Manuals Finland, is gathering in San Francisco, where 4 parallel booksprints are underway to create new manuals in the context of Google's Summer of Code.