FLOSS Manuals now on Booki

FLOSS Manuals Finland now includes 30 guidebooks on free, open source software and related processes.

As of March 30, the library of manuals is now also locally hosted and runs Booki, the collaborative publishing software. FLOSS Manuals Finland is the first localisation of Booki, and in creating it also new language versions of the platform were enabled. The internationalisation was realized by Tuukka Hastrup working closely with Aleksandar Erkalovic, Adam Hyde and Tomi Toivio.

The production of manuals and the Finnish platform were realized within the ESF funded Medios project, during which m-cult also developed a series of workshops to support free/open source software in media production.

Open source culture finally seems to gain foothold in Finland as Linux turns 20 years and Finnish schools are increasingly turning young users towards it!