ISEA2004 SEA programme - electronic music, art and talks on Silja Opera cruise 15-16.8.

On Sunday 15 August, both ISEA2004 and partner event Koneisto festival participants boarded a cruiser ferry enjoying electronic music performances and clubs. The electrified ferry travelled to Stockholm, Sweden, then continued to Mariehamn, Finland and on to Tallinn, Estonia, connecting the Nordic with emerging Baltic new media cultural scenes.



In the Interfacing Sound theme, the media art and research scene remixes experimental and popular music genres and young audiences. The theme was about interfacing work in clubs and other public spaces, and about the borderline between sound art and electronic music traditions and contemporary practices. We were particularly interested to discuss production of creative sound technologies and software, and interactive sound work.

On the ferry, there was programming on three stages, comprising 40 live acts; 20 dj and vj sets and 20 Installations and/or roaming projects throughout the ferry. Major collaborations were realized with Montréal-based MUTEK, Stockholm's Fylkingen and the Ljubljana-based rx:tx label.