A record workshopping week

A culmination point for Spring 2010 workshops was reached this week - with 3 workshops and 7 days of training.

The week started with the Repeat-Pause-Edit workshop for teenagers at the Cable Factory. From pause-edit excercises in shooting an encounter and in editing movement, the workshop continued to storyboarding and production of mobile films combining elements of dance, theatre and parkour - and spiced with Creative Commons -licenced music from cc.mixter. The workshop is a collaboration between Zodiak, Finnish Museum of Photography, Theatre Museum, Parkour Finland and m-cult.

On Friday and Saturday, the citizen journalists of Panorama received training in basic journalism skills. Led by Adrian Soto from Reilumedia, the workshop updated traditional practices of journalism to the landscape of online media, multi-lingual and intercultural news production.

Sunday brought the week to a productive ending. In an open media workshop with the environmental organization dodo, we created 100% open source short films relating to the theme of "urban rhythms". The objective was to learn about open source media production and to kick off a video cell within dodo - and the results promise a bright future to this plan!