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 READ_ME 2.3  is a festival of software art that explores the territory between art and software culture. Read_me 2.3 draws connections between histories and practices in both software culture and art, and aims at creating an extended context, against which software art may be mapped.

 READ_ME 2.3  is the second edition of Read_Me, the first festival dedicated entirely to the phenomena of software art. It will take place on May 30-31, 2003 in Helsinki. Read_me 1.2 was held in Moscow in May 2002.

 READ_ME 2.3  continues with the open structure of Read_me: all projects are submitted on-line to a publicly accessible database. However, the second Read_me edition has logically developed this idea further: the simple database has turned into the software art repository

All projects, submitted to up to the  READ_ME 2.3  deadline (1st of March) will be reviewed by a collective of "experts" and the best ones will be presented on the  READ_ME 2.3  event. However, will continue accepting projects on an ongoing basis. Projects entered after the deadline will be considered as entries to the future Read_me festivals.

 READ_ME 2.3  is not a competition in the traditional sense, and it will not have monetary prizes. The festival event on May 30-31 will present, discuss, and celebrate a selection of works singled out and featured without ranking by the Read_me experts collective.  READ_ME 2.3  will focus on the variety of discrete contexts and will aim at building bridges between them.

May 30 and 31. Media Centre Lume.
Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki, tel. +358 9 756 30444

 READ_ME 2.3  partner events:
- Demoskene - "The exhibition that presents demo pieces and the demo scene as a cultural phenomenon", Kiasma - The Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, 28.3.2003 to 15.6.2003
- Digital II, MUU Mediabase, Helsinki, May 16-18