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 Amy Alexander  has worked in film, video, music, computer animation and new media. She is currently Assistant Professor at the University of California, San Diego. Since 1996 she has been working primarily in net art and software art, exploring net culture as well as dynamic processes and structures. Her recent work has been primarily in live net performance and software art. Her Internet projects include, theBot and the Multi-Cultural Recycler, and the livespace/Internet performance project, b0timati0n.

 Florian Cramer , lecturer in Comparative Literature at Freie Universitaet Berlin, writer on net art, net literature and software art, editor of the "Nettime unstable digest", member of the transmediale.01 and Read_me 1.2 software art juries, GNU/Linux afficionado and Free Software activist.

 Matthew Fuller  is the author of 'Behind the Blip, essays in the culture of software', Autonomedia, New York, 2003 and is Reader in Media Design at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam.

 Thomax Kaulmann , *1965. Free UNIX developer since 1987 with works in databases, pre-sales support, software engineering and teaching in computer programming. Founder of Contributed Sofware GbR (1991-1994) with main focus on internet providing and support of free software. In 1992 staff at the Piazetta Virtuale; Van Gogh TV project at documenta IX. 1994 conception and development of C@C (Computer Aided Curating) in cooperation with Eva Grubinger. Clubnetz - IRC chat terminals in different Berlin clubs. 1995 co-founder of Internationale Stadt Berlin. Since 1995 at work with Radio Internationale Stadt/ORANG, a distributed audio database in the net. 1997 Interface programming for the Hybrid Workspace at Documenta X. 1999 first implementation of OVA (Open Video Archive, a consecutive project to ORANG) at the ZKM. In 2000 planning and realization of an international artist database and intranet development for the House of World Cultures. Developement of OMA, an integrating interface to ORANG, OVA and other media systems.

 Alex McLean . Still likes to play with computers. Makes software to make more things. One half of Slub, with Adrian Ward, making live music to raving crowds. Founder of the Slaboratory, London. A member of the state51 conspiracy.

 Pit Schultz , lives and works in Berlin. Currently involved into radio projects. Cofounder of,,,

 The Yes Men  are a genderless, loose-knit association of some three hundred impostors worldwide. Although their name contains the word "Men," it doesn't describe who they are, it describes what they do: they use any means necessary to agree their way into the fortified compounds of commerce, ask questions, and then smuggle out the stories of their undercover escapades to provide a public glimpse at the behind-the-scenes world of business. In other words, the Yes Men are team players... but they play for the opposing team.