Methods of participation in focus, May 21-26, 2016


m-cult participates in the first Finnish Triennale for Community Art. Titled Vastaan+Otto ('Reception'), the triennale tours across cities of the South-West coast of Finland in April-June 2016.

In context of the triennale, m-cult focuses on the methods of collaborative art with a set of workshops and talks. In today's 'facilitation society', techniques of participation have taken over workplaces and businesses, design and urban planning, as well as art. These technologies are not neutral but include assumptions about the nature of the participants and their collaboration. The workshops and seminar aim to reflect on practitioners' experiences and create a critical context to facilitation in collaborative art.

Artist collective YKON will kick off the week with their new Dinner Game workshop concept at Harakka island, May 21-22. During the two-day, hands-on workshop participants will develop a dinner format from scratch by creating a menu, revisiting established notions of behaviors, and developing new social rules. Playable interactions such as game rules, alternate table hardware and experimental facilitation will recreate the social format of a group dinner. Register from this link by May 18 - some places still available!

A seminar on the Art and technologies of participation will be organised at the Kiasma museum on May 26. The seminar presents a fantastic line-up of experts on artistic collaboration and facilitation. During the afternoon, we will address the pleasures and pains of participation, discuss methods and their contexts and celebrate games and playing in arts and education. See programme and register by May 24.


As a warm-up to the seminar, a KOLLAB talkshop will be organised on May 24 to discuss methods used and devised by artists. What techniques have you found useful, what about the ethics they embed? The experiences gathered in the talkshop will be shared with the seminar audience at Kiasma.

The seminar and talkshop are co-produced by m-cult with the Artsequal research group Socially responsible artists and arts institutions coordinated by Cupore.