"sound art"


Song of Lead site

Song of Lead

Healing the soil with Pia Lindman.

Map of Central Park waterways


Imagining local water futures with Sophea Lerner.

Breakfast from the Past, Muhammad Saifi

Breakfast from the Past

Workshop of located memories led by Babak Arzani and Johanna Raekallio.

Sounds and Stories Live Performance with Knitting ladies

Sounds and Stories Live

Knitted soundscapes with composer Jobina Tinnemans and friends.


Heavy Metal Detector

Steve Maher detects underground music subcultures.

Conducting Senses coal hill with projection, still from a video

Conducting Senses

Interactive projection and soundscape at Helsinki coastline by Fernando Visockis and Andre Vicentini.

Tales from Frontiers Jone Takamäki playing music, projection on the background

Tales from Frontiers

Audiovisual facade projection at the Helsinki Observatory, Night of the Arts 2015.

Fish-Go-Round! lit umbrellas and dark background


Live performance for electronic music, radiowaves, lights and dancers by Shinji Kanki and friends.

Petri Kuljuntausta still from video

Petri Kuljuntausta - Media artist of the month

The pioneer of Finnish sound art speaks about his work with soundscapes and electronic music.

Dialogues Deconstructed City facade projection

Dialogue – Deconstructed City

VJ group Random Doctors explore the social, spatial and political structures of the city.

Shinji Kanki still from video interview

Shinji Kanki - Media artist of the month

Interview with composer of experimental music, educator and radio dj Shinji Kanki.


Media artist of the month thumbnail grid

Media Artist of the Month

Series of interviews with Finnish media artists.


Tellervo and Oliver Kalleinen - 101 for All installation

Perspectives on Media Art

Open lecture series - media art genres and themes presented by artists.