Conducting Senses tonight at Merihaka


Conducting Senses is an audiovisual experience that makes possible for audiences to interact with large projection mapping in city landscapes. The project by Fernando Visockis and Andre Vicentini was shown on the 2nd night of the Night Sites programme at Media Facades Helsinki.

Two leap motion sensors are controlled by four participants. Each one controls both visual and sound elements. The sensors enable the capture of a wide range of the user’s hands movements, emulating the gestures of a conductor in front of an orchestra and giving a 3D spatial feel to the experience, involving the participants and audience in an immersive sensorial environment.

The visual and sonic elements were thought to enhance perception and explore in different ways the interaction between sound and light, people and architecture, using the site as a multidimensional canvas that reactivate these urban landscapes.The result is an audiovisual piece that will be performed differently every time, re-signifying urban spaces and engaging public into making a large scale public art piece.

The performance of Conducting Senses was an homage to the mysterious coal hill landscape as seen from the popular carpet-washing pier at Merihaka - and perhaps a farewell to the fossil fuel monument in the centre of Helsinki. Thanks to the beautiful ambient music composed by Fernando & Andre and played by participants, the evening had a very special atmosphere, resembling synchronised floating on a warm August night.